The weight loss journey of an overweight, unmotivated 20-something

Wednesday Weigh In - 2 Weeks!

    Starting - 166lbs 
    Current - 151.8lbs
    Difference - Loss of 14.2lbs 

     Starting - 27.2
     Current - 24.7
     Difference - Loss of 2.5 points

Body fat percentage
     Starting - Approx. 30%
     Current - Approx. 26%
     Difference - Loss of 4%

     Starting - 13in
     Current - 12.5
     Difference - Loss of 0.5in

Upper chest
     Starting - 36in 
     Current - 35in
     Difference - Loss of 1in

     Starting - 40in
     Current - 38.5in
     Difference - Loss of 1.5in (Don’t tell my boyfriend)

Waist at narrowest point
     Starting - 30in
     Current - 29in
     Difference - Loss of 1in

Waist at navel
     Starting - 35in 
     Current - 34in
     Difference - Loss of 1in

     Starting - 40in 
     Current - 37in
     Difference - Loss of 3in

     Starting - 23in 
     Current - 22.5
     Difference - Loss of 0.5in

Upper Arm
     Starting - 12.5in 
     Current - 11in
     Difference - Loss of 1.5in

I can’t even begin to tell you how stoked I am.  Just two weeks! I’m motivated!


One Week In

So it’s one week in.  I feel motivated.  I had a difficult weekend, craving sweets and junk food galore, but I pressed through.  I feel like I could be doing more exercise, but I’m just proud of myself for sticking to this for a whole week already!

Poached eggs and quinoa with an avocado Alfredo sauce

Day Four

Day Four- Your greatest fears about weight loss.

That I wont be able to accomplish it
That it will become an obsessive part of my life
That it will enable/complicate my sister’s eating disorder
That it wont be enough

I get that fruit is pretty because its so colorful… but my tongue is already tired of all the sweet stuff.  I want something savory!  

Anybody have suggestions for healthy foods that aren’t in the “sweet” category?


Fall in love with the process, and the results will come.

This could be me… but I’m not tan

Boot Camp

So I signed up for a fitness boot camp that one of my friends is running. 8am-9am Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  He’s former military and used to be a body builder.  It’s safe to say I got my butt kicked.  One chick nearly passed out.  Luckily this guy’s wife is also military and she was medically trained as an EMT during her time in the services.  That makes me feel safer about it.  But it was really difficult.  He had us do some interval stuff that ended up being pretty intense.  He said he didn’t realize it was going to be so difficult.  

Yeah buddy, how bout you do lunges to the other side of the basketball court and back then try to jump rope 50 times… then we’ll see how the muscles in your thighs function.

But really, I’m so glad I’m doing this.

Another before shot… I gotta work hard

Healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods!
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